A little something about me

Mailo is an offspring of legendary inter-champion Polo (Poloposition) from Italian kennel Lantaka. Due to his 100% Australian origin Polo used to be very popular stud dog in Czech Republic.

Mailo is nice dog. His exterior qualities include perfectly placed tail, small and excellently placed ear, straight and strong back and right color and pigmentation around the eye and eye lid.



We appreciate Mailo very much for his brilliant friendly character, which he has shown since puppy age. He had never destroyed our house when we weren’t home. He is very smart, obedient and patient. During our long walks he can be unleashed without causing any trouble. He doesn’t bark on people passing our fence. But he claims his territory fiercely. When a hedgehog gets into our garden Mailo starts to fight with it.

Mailo loves long walks. He is demanding diner and requires human company, which he prefers to company of other dogs. He likes to play with us but he doesn’t like cuddling or sitting on his mistress lap.

Unfortunately, Mailo doesn’t incline to hunting under the ground. But he manages other hunter work. We are no hunters and that’s why we haven’t tried to pass any performing exams yet.

Mailo got used to competing in show circle because it is a great opportunity to gain a lot of goodies, which usually aren’t in his mistress pockets. The beginning of our show carrier wasn’t so successful and there was a moment when I wanted to give up. Now I am glad I didn’t.